laura1 Hey there! My name is Laura. I have been practicing acupuncture for 9+ years, and studying natural medicine my entire life. Using the amazing abilities of acupuncture & functional medicine, I help people live pain-free, active, peaceful, and healthy lives, so they can follow their passions and continue to do what they love.

With any and all new patients, I first focus on if it is possible that acupuncture + functional medicine can help get you to a state of amazing health. Unlike the typical model of health in Western Medicine, acupuncture “jump-starts” the body to heal itself. This unique trait has made it withstand as a complete system of medicine for over 5,000 years.

I start with pain: Back pain, stomach pain, knee pain, neck pain, jaw pain, chest pain, etc. Chronic pain is not normal, and it is the key symptom that tells me something is “off” in your body. As I base my model of medicine from a completely holistic system, I look at all the key symptoms going on in your body (as well as the pain), and connect the dots to discover the root of any and all health issues.

If we think acupuncture + functional medicine treatments are a good fit for you, we will then formulate a treatment plan based on your specific needs and health issues. Most people notice benefits after just one session, and they generally increase with each treatment. Upon healing the root through treatments, many added bonuses (increased peace of mind, better skin, better sleep, increased energy, steady emotional levels, weight loss) are brought forth, along with a peaceful and pain-free body. As the intake for each treatment is very thorough, any and all of your treatments will address 100% of your health concerns.

Most people are amazed at the incredible value they receive from often just a few weeks of treatments.

Acupuncture is a completely safe & gentle healing modality, and I use needles from a company known for their thin needles (the thinnest needles available to acupuncturists) and their easy, smooth insertion. Most patients feel nothing upon insertion of the needle. I also utilize a heated treatment table in a warm, private room with dim lights and relaxing music, for ultimate comfort and peace during your treatments. A small doorbell is set in your hand during each and every treatment, so you are able to easily ring me should you need to for any reason at all. I want you to always have a completely relaxing & healing treatment, each and every time.

All sessions consist of a gentle acupuncture treatment, and when applicable, infrared heat therapy, electro-stim therapy, moxibustion (moxa), cupping, gua sha, Chinese herbal medicine, and dietary supplements are also utilized. Find out more about these therapies in this section: Your Treatment.


14036571061If you would like to discuss if you are a good candidate for treatment, please contact me with your questions or schedule a free consultation. All new patients must consult with me through email, over the phone, or in person before they receive their first treatment, to make sure acupuncture + functional medicine treatments are right for them!