• Each treatment addresses the root
    cause of the problem as well as the
    symptoms presenting in the body.
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  • "I help people live healthy, joyful, pain-free,
    active, and balanced lives, so they can continue
    to follow their passions and do what they love."
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  • Do you have a Covered California
    health insurance plan?
    Then you have acupuncture benefits!
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  • Inside each one of us is
    abundant joy, love, health,
    and vitality; Reclaim it all
    through the right treatment.
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  • Did you know for every treatment
    you receive, a tree gets planted in
    California? Learn more here.

  • Through treatments,
    increased energy
    and vitality steadily
    become apparent,
    along with a joyful,
    peaceful, and balanced
    emotional state.

Welcome to the Clinic!

Hey there! My name is Laura. I have been practicing acupuncture for 9+ years, and studying functional medicine my entire life. Through acupuncture & functional medicine, I help people reclaim their health, love, joy, and vitality, so they can follow their bliss with a vibrant body and a balanced mind.

If you are feeling emotionally, mentally, or physically “stuck” or “off,” I can help.

Acupuncture jump-starts the body to re-calibrate and heal itself. This absolutely amazing trait is unique to every other system of medicine, and has made acupuncture withstand as a complete system of medicine for over 5,000 years. Acupuncture is often the “missing link” in health care protocols.

Since emotional, mental, and physical health are closely intertwined, I work with the emotional and mental aspects of a person’s well-being as well as the physical. Each and every treatment is aimed at moving toward a grounded, peaceful, and joyful mental and emotional state, as well as working through any physical limitations that are present in order to have each person achieve an active, healthy and thriving physical self.

Treatments are extremely gentle, comprehensive, and thorough, and each treatment will address the root cause of the problem as well as the symptoms presenting in the body.

Most people are amazed at the incredible value they receive from often just a few weeks of treatments.

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